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HP 744/165L VME Single Board Computer 

HP 744/132L VME Single Board Computer

A4500A 744/165L

 HP VME Single board computers are amongst the most rugged and widely used today in civil aviation and military applications. Its 6U form factor has provided the flexibility required by engineers. The model 744/165L PA-RISC 7300LC board computer uses the standard HP-UX 10.20 or later operating systems, including HP-RT, a highly versatile system for multi-tasking, running your application programs and performing a variety of development tasks. Its ability to utilize both GSC & PMC mezzanine cards make the 744 one of the few VME boards to offer a wide range of IO options.

 We carry a range of base cards and related parts for both the 744 series and the 743 series. Please refer to the HP Inventory page for details. If you have a specific request please contact our HP VME specialist directly via e-mail:

All HP A4510A & HP A4511A Processors can be custom configured to your specifications. All HP VME Chassis are in stock and most orders are fulfilled within a one to two week time frame. All optional IO cards can either be purchased directly from us, or we can source them independently..

Please ask about our A4979A equivalent. The board is tested and configured to perform as an A4979A. Please

ask about the AT-A4979A Graphics card.

We have the following upgrades available for VME products.

A6005A - 256MB Memory Module,  A4504A - PMC Bridge Board, A4449A 128MB Memory Module 

A4509A - PMC Bridge Adapter,  A4979A - PMC Visualize-EG Graphics, A4511A - 744/165L OPT 120,

A4500-66016 is one of the many 5x5 part numbers used for the 744 series. Contact us

if you have any additional part number you want to check stock on. 

A4449A - 256MB Memory Module, A4266A - 64MB Memory Module

A4500-66016 - 744/165L Single Board Computer with On-Board Graphics

A4500-60016 - 744/165L Single Board Computer with On-Board Graphics

A4500-66015 - 744/165L Single Board Computer without On-Board Graphics

A4500-60001 - 744/132L Single Board Computer with On-Board Graphics

A4500-60013 - 744/132L Single Board Computer without On-Board Graphics

Please use the following link to available literature regards HP's VME Products: HP 744 Link

System Specs
Type of system: HP 744/165L VME Single Board Computer
Bus Architecture: VMEbus
Native OS: HP-UX
CPU Type: 165MHz HP PA-7300LC With 64/64KB int L1 & 512KB ext L2 Cache
System Memory
Standard Memory: 64 MB (removable)
Maximum Memory: 1 GB
Memory Expansion: 1 socket
External Connectors
50-pin HD SCSI-2 Single Ended (2) Micro-DB-9 Male RS232C Serial
Micro-DB25 Female Parallel Micro-DB15 15-pin AUI 10Mbit Ethernet
(2) PS/2 Connectors Keyboard/Mouse Micro-DB9 Audio


HP 743i VME Single Board Computer 

Also ask about our A4310A 748i workstations.

We have multiple processor module available for the 748i chassis. 

These include:

A4260A opt 201 (A2636-66001) 743i/64 without on board graphics
A4260A opt 202 (A2636-66013) 743i/64 with on board graphics
A4260A opt 203 (A2636-66015) 743i/100 without on board graphics
A4260A opt 204 (A2636-66016) 743i/100 with on board graphics

Available option cards for the 744 series & 743i's include:

A4219A GSC Expansion kit, A4266A 64MB Memory Module,

A4267A GSC Graphics, 25567A EISA LAN Adapter and the

J3420A ATM Adapter, 25567B EISA LAN Adapter

J3420B ATM Adapter

VME Repair Program

Alimar Technology also offers a HP VME Board repair program. Boards that are deemed defective for a variety of reasons can be tested and troubleshoot on a per board, or contract basis. Currently we have had a 90% success rate in repairing graphic & terminal features on 743 & 744 boards. 

Basic fees do apply to the process.

Generally a 'bench fee' is charged regardless of the work performed. If the board is un-repairable you are only charged the bench fee. If the board is indeed repairable the bench fee is waived and you will be charged according to the work that has been performed.

There are no set prices, as the level of repair varies from board to board.

We have on occasion had to rework boards that had been 'repaired' by others and the people who perform our repairs take great personal pride in their abilities, which enable us to return boards in a equivalent to new condition.

Such repairs are conducted in a clean room environment with the industry standard ESD & enviornmental protections.

If you are interested in having a board repaired or quoted, please contact or contact him by phone (603) 679-2990


NSN - National Stock Number Hewlett Packard Part #  Hewlett Packard Description
5998-01-477-7870 A4504A PMC Bridge Adapter
5998-01-526-1808 A4504A-DTS1 PMC Bridge Adapter
5998-01-534-4066 A6005A 256MB Memory Module
5998-01-534-8230 J3420A HSC ATM Adapter
5998-01-463-9982 A4511A 744/165L 
5998-01-495-2359 A4511A - 120 744/165L With Graphics
7021-01-506-1958 A4511A W/OPT 120 744/165L With Graphics
5998-01-525-1222 A4511A + OPT 744/165L With Graphics
5998-01-463-9935 A4511A 744/165L With Graphics
5998-01-470-4353 A4511A 744/165L With Graphics



748/132L Chassis

Also ask about our stock of HP VXI Embedded Controllers


Row of 748 Systems

Recent project with the 744 series product.

748 Systems Racked