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 Alimar Technologies provides the highest quality remanufactured computer systems.  Every item sold has passed through a stringent process to bring the item mechanically and cosmetically to LIKE NEW CONDITION. We follow through all sales with solid warranties and eligibility for hardware maintenance.

 To many people the 'remanufactured' system is a scary proposition. We believe that this is where our commitment to quality comes in. Many professionals who have tried these types of systems have found the level of 'quality' to be, to say the least poor. We believe that minor details count. The level of detail that we go to, not only in our standard testing process but in the actual remanufacturing process is what sets our systems apart. Quality assurance is the reason that we give extended warranties to our clients, many of who become friends.

 Having been involved in putting together over 13,000 remanufactured HP systems we believe that our process is one of the best on the market today. From HP Apollo to HP Systems today, we have  the experience you need.  

 Our testing process is completely automated, each system is configured to customers specs. Connected to our main test server, affectionately known as 'Mom' via the RS232 port, the system is loaded with custom test software which tests and diagnoses each component through a looping process where is systems is checked & rechecked for functionality. The final parts of the process are pre-loading your software and final test & cleaning.

 Warranty on our HP 9000 equipment to end users is a standard One year. All parts sold will qualify for any HP contract that you currently have. All our service parts are taken from tested remanufactured systems to ensure reliability. 

 Whether you're looking to purchase systems or upgrade your current system, we have the inventory and the 'technical expertise' to help you out.  We sell and service the full line of HP 9000 workstations and 9000 series servers.  Our inventory is stocked full with the 700 series workstations; B-Class, C-Class and J-Class series systems; as well as the D, G, H, T and K Class Servers.  We also have on hand an extensive HP Systems & Parts Inventory.

 Due to our staff's extensive knowledge of the workstation marketplace we have expanded our platforms.  In addition to Hewlett Packard systems we now can competitively offer our customers the full Unix line of Sun Sparcs and Ultras.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will certainly help you in any way we can to address the issue at hand.