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HP A4979A PMC Graphics Card

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Recreating technology - a success story

Alimar produces its own equivalent to the HP A4979A PMC Graphics card.

This card was regenerated at a customer request enabling them to continue to use COTs products. Without having this critical item available to them, the customer would have had to retire the current deployed solution, resulting in increased costs for all involved.

By participating in our Longevity Program, the client is able to maintain current deployed assets without having to commit to a life time buy or the obligation to purchase 100+ boards to assure availability. Alimar can produce a bespoke amount within a short time frame to cover the clients needs.

The client has so far been quite happy with the solution we provide, as it has removed the uncertainty & doubt about product availability.

Please contact us for the product brochure, request a sample or to get a formal quote:  

  A4979A A4979A

We can also repair A4979A PMC Graphics card. NSN:0098-LL-H7A-9069.  A4979-66001 CCA. LM PN:  79C0186-00