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EMC-Clariion Storage Solutions

Alimar Technology is pleased to offer remanufactured EMC-Clariion storage solutions.

We offer full integration options on your SAN or NAS project. From Unix Hardware, Brocade Switches to the storage system of your choice. Whether its a 1GB or 2GB based system we can offer substantial savings over buying new hardware. All used Clariion & used Brocade items are guaranteed eligible for OEM software & hardware support. We can also offer Third-party support with the same levels of service that you would expect from the OEM at a significant cost savings benefit.

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FC4700The CLARiiON FC4500 offers multiple-host support, high performance and full redundancy. The FC4500 is a high performance and high availability RAID disk array for midsize to larger storage configurations. Up to 110 high-performance drives with a formatted capacity of 18 or 36 gigabytes and a rotational speed of 10.000 rpm can be accommodated in compact and maintenance-friendly 19" rack-mountable frames. This allows gross capacities of up to nearly 4 Terabytes to be installed in one system, providing approximately 3.2 TB of RAID-protected usable storage.

Clariion FC4700

The CLARiiON FC4700 is a highly scalable, easy to reconfigure solution to today’s IT needs. A fully redundant, highly available system with no single point of failure, the FC4700 retains all of the same data integrity and high-availability features for which EMC CLARiiON is so well respected - global hot spares, redundant power and cooling, and data path parity checking throughout the array. The FC4700 advances midrange features as well with new multiprocessor storage processors, four Fiber Channel disks, and raw capacity of up to 7.3 TB.
For more information on the 4500 or 4700, or for information on EMC’s 5300, 5400, 5500, or 5600, please contact

CLARiiON NS Series

nsSerisThe EMC NS500 model delivers high availability and simplified management at an exceptionally low price. This full-featured NAS solution integrates CLARiiON CX500 networked storage, and lets you gain significant performance increases over direct-attached storage. Or choose the EMC NS700 – a high-performance integrated NAS device with dedicated CLARiiON CX700 storage. Both are available in single and dual Data Mover configurations with your choice of storage – Fiber Channel or ATA.

Download NS500 specifications (PDF 136k)

Download NS700 specifications (PDF 137k)

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EMC Clariion CX300The new entry point into the CLARiiON CX series, the CX300 networked storage system is the most advanced disk array in its class. The CX300 delivers more functionality, more capacity (up to 13 TB), and faster performance than last year's model-at the same low price.

 Download CX300 Spec Sheet (PDF: 223k)


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The CX400 accommodates a full range of performance-enhancing software, all with complete cross-generational compatibility. And it offers exceptional bandwidth with four, full 2Gb front- and back-ends—and throughput rates of 680 MB/s.

 Download CX400 Data Sheet (PDF 263k)



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The CLARiiON CX500 networked storage system offers the highest bandwidth, the largest capacity, and the best economics in its class. The CX500 easily outperforms the competition with four times the CPU power and 4GB of cache. Plus, it offers twice the disk capacity—so you can scale from 5 to 120 drives in just 25U of rack space.

 Download CX500 Data Sheet (PDF 200k)



EMC CX700An ideal system for heavy database applications, the CX700 packs more cache, greater connectivity, higher performance, and 58.4 TB of raw capacity into a smaller, more economical package. So you get all the benefits of an advanced networked storage system at a lower total cost of ownership.

 Download CX700 Spec Sheet (PDF: 225k)



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CLARiiON storage systems employ the industry's most extensive set of data integrity and data availability features, like dual active storage processors, mirrored write caching, data verification and fault recovery algorithms, and more. CLARiiON storage systems support complex cluster configurations, like Oracle Parallel Server and Microsoft's Cluster Server Software.

CLARiiON data storage solutions have long been recognized as the most robust and innovative with features that include:

                    - Remote mirroring
                    - Point-in-time image copy
                    - LUN masking
                    - LUN security
                    - Fabric awareness  

Plus CLARiiON disk arrays are Microsoft Cluster/RAID Certified and compatible with Windows NT/2000 and all major UNIX platforms.