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Recycling Program

We recycle because.. 


Many electronic components contain hazardous and toxic substances, which can have a harmful effect on the environment if not properly disposed of.

Monitors contain an average of 2-4 pounds of lead and additional quantities of mercury, cadmium and other toxic metals

Laptop computers consist of florescent lighting bulbs which contain mercury

These facts combined with today's rapid growth in technology and its consequent obsolescence is why the Environmental Protection Agency has stepped up its policies toward the disposing of electronic hardware. In 1992 the EPA banned the landfill dumping of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT's). Today's corporations hold all liability if their electronic assets end up in landfills.

THE WEEE Initiative..

Alimar Technologies believes that the WEEE initiative will become a world-wide accepted standard in in e-cycling disposal circles. While maintaining the highest possible standards of e-cycling controls, we recognize that there are better ways than current US Laws. The WEEE initiative is one step toward world-wide acceptance of the cradle-to-grave responsibility we undertake with each purchase we make.                         

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Much of today's obsolete computer equipment can be processed without the harmful effects of "land filling". Alimar Technologies specializes in working with companies and individuals to reduce any risk of non-compliance with Federal and State EPA regulations. All material brought into our facility is fully documented and tracked through our processes. We provide our customers Documents of Recycling Certification, indemnifying them against liability for improper disposal. We can also provide our customers with Certificates of Destruction to protect corporate confidentiality.



Alimar offers a fee based asset recovery service to its customers. As part of our asset recovery service, Alimar wipes all the disk drives that return to our facility. We also offer a Department of Defense Standard process using a 4-pass wipe and even offer additional wipes, if you require them. Additionally, ATC will remove any identifying information such as labels and tags. As part of the process we will also destroy any documentation, paperwork, CD's and floppies that may have been inadvertently included in the shipment.

Any faulty drives from which data cannot be removed are placed into a container, and then sent to an approved facility for destruction. You will receive a certificate of destruction listing the serial numbers your records.

We here at Alimar Technology understand that, while data security is important to all organizations, some follow stricter requirements than others. That's why we offer a variety of data removal options so you can choose the one that's right for you. Additionally, we provide all applicable documentation to you, so you know your data was removed properly and thoroughly. As one of the largest data destruction companies in the world, Alimar has the extensive experience for disposing of your electronic assets.


Industrial Shelving Light Duty Shelving Pallet Racking Stock Carts
Roller Conveyors Casters, Swivel/Rigid Rolling Ladders Tape Machines
Rolling Tables Storage Cabinets WTB Fork Lifts Trash Bins
Hand Trucks Drive-In Racking Work Benches Barrell Carts
Industrial Surplus Pallet Jacks Shop Equipment Lift Tables

We will buy your surplus Material Handling / Warehouse Equipment. We will disassemble, pick up and arrange for shipment.

We can also sell the products listed above both new & used.

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Asset Management:

Alimar Technologies is your one stop source for converting excess or obsolete electronic inventory.  With over 60 years combined experience in the computer marketplace, we know the value of your high tech hardware.  So if your looking to replace, convert or move your existing equipment or inventory of older products Alimar can help with one of the following programs.




In addition to the above services, Alimar Technologies guarantees its products for lifetime recycling.  If you purchased a computer or workstation from us, you may return it to us after its useful life for proper disposition and reclamation.

This combination of services, from a single source, is what makes Alimar Technologies unique.  Our commitment to you is to deliver high-quality products and services on time and at an attractive, competitive price.